Image of photovoltaic panels lined up in a row on the side of a tall building

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Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic systems provide the ultimate in clean energy: no noise or pollution, and no adverse effects on environmental aesthetics. Incentives from states and utility companies have encouraged both corporations and homeowners to take advantage of reduced paybacks. This provides manufacturers the productive base to improve their manufacturing efficiencies, which will hopefully drive down the cost to the point where these products are cheap and efficient to manufacture.

CPS Engineering developed the performance specification for this 300 kW system for a large commercial customer. Vendors were asked to produce cost and payback projections over a 25 year life with all numbers brought back to present net worth values. After vendor selection, CPS designed the interconnection point in the building electrical system, and supervised the construction administration. Final details included the determination of coordinated protective relay settings for the associated circuit breakers in the electrical system.

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Image looking at rows and rows of photovoltaic panels on a roof overlooking a city.
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