Image of an electrical switchyard.

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New Electrical Service

A building having one of the largest electrical distribution systems and loads in the area needed to replace their 55 year old infrastructure with new distribution. The multi-faceted goals of this project included the implementation of 8 megawatts of existing on-site diesel generators, 4 megawatts of new generators for 12 megawatts total, paralleled operation of generators at 4,160 volts, closed transition transfer between commercial and standby sources, and installation of 23 kV 59N interconnection relays.

CPS Engineering was retained as the lead consultant for this challenging project. We coordinated the efforts of mechanical, structural, civil, and architectural elements to design a highly complicated multi-year construction that was installed without inconvenience to the thousands of employees who use this building every day.

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Image of an electrical switchyard set against a brick building.
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