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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

CPS Engineering is proud to help our customers with green technologies. Corporations also know that it is in their best interests to be conscientious of the needs of our planet. In these examples, CPS Engineering was part of a team of consultants that designed multi-purpose electric vehicle charging stations for corporate employees. The charging stations have multi-voltage “pumps” that are activated by the customers using card access. Account and usage information is transmitted off-site to a central server where the data is processed and billing is assessed. The corporation has the option of subsidizing the cost of the kilowatt-hours as they choose.

Electric vehicles are on the forefront of a host of technologies that will someday reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. With this kind of installation flexibility, it is inevitable that there will be many more successes in this exciting field.

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Image of an electric vehicle charging station in a parking lot marked with "EV" signs
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